A Common Goal. Snowskates.

Five individuals with a common goal have come together to bring Tomsen to life. A brand with a simple vision: to bring winter sports to the people, and people to winter sports. The core of the brand is a sport, beloved by thousands, where the main objective is to have fun. The sport is snowskating and it is as easy to do as it sounds. Skating. On snow.

Developed by People Who Worked With
Introducing the Creators of Tomsen
Michael Jay Sloan
Chief Executive Officer

Michael Sloan is the one who deals with all things CEO. 


Michael is team captain and drives the operational and financial side of the business. He has held senior executive positions for a variety of small to mid-sized multinational sports and fashion brands.


Michael’s vision is to not only grow the Tomsen brand globally, but also to put snowskating on the map as the “third way” of enjoying winter sport. The goal is to offer something new, fun, safe and practical to a wide range of consumers.


Another goal with Tomsen is to hold true to a strict code of ethics; with our suppliers, our partners, our team members, and most importantly, to our consumers. Building and maintaining trust throughout our entire business is a key factor in our company culture.

Prior to Tomsen, Michael ran a consulting firm that specialized in helping brands grow globally. Before that he worked for a variety of sports and fashion-oriented companies, always in the international business development area, including Nike, Columbia Sportswear, Levis/Dockers, Nutcase Helmets, Bellroy, Pendleton Woolen Mills.


Michael is a true global player, having lived in Japan, Brazil, his home country of USA, in five countries across Europe, and has finally settled (maybe?) in Germany where Tomsen Sports is based.  He enjoys all kinds of sports, especially golf, running and climbing.


Michael holds an MBA in International Business from Portland State University, in Portland, Oregon, USA.


He is 196 cm tall.

Tommy Syversen
Sales and Distribution

Tommy Einar Gydar Syversen is responsible for sales and distribution.


A born sales animal, Tommy has been key account manager and business developer for small and large brands internationally within the areas of IT, real estate, and sports. He uses his Norwegian ethics, extreme focus, and no-nonsense approach mixed with a bit of Viking craziness, to get stuff done – and that’s an understatement.


Tommy loves the sport of snowskating and wants to see it being enjoyed where ever there is a ski slope. His vision is for Snowskates to be a discipline in the winter Olympics, where groups of four race down an obstacle slope and the best two advance until the final heat. This is known as snowcross and is part of making Snowskates officially acknowledged as a sport.

Tommy’s style is to always look for improvements, being direct in communication, and to look for common goals when working with partners. The “we” in business is very important to him and he literally lives for teamwork and the team spirit, which results in what we call the “Tomsen Magic”, when passionate people strive for a better result.


Tommy has travelled extensively across three continents, pitching and exhibiting, and developing networks for several brands. He will happily tell you he has been in 87 countries and will surpass 100 within 2024.


Tommy has a degree as IT consultant from Næringsakademiet in Oslo, Norway, and has certificates in sales communication using the SPIN method.


He is 190 cm tall.

Aurelian Grama
Hard Goods and CS

Aurelian Grama is responsible for Snowskates Production and Customer Service.


He is an enthusiastic free spirit who always seeks to make the world a better place. After getting a degree in economics he went on to found and co-found a series of small to medium sized businesses activating in the food and health industries.


In 2018 he discovered SledDogs and fell in love with the sport from his first downhill ride. It’s easy to learn, easy to carry, not expensive compared with other winter sports, healthy and you have a lot of fun doing it. He says this is the perfect combination to get more people out and moving.

He was a SledDogs distributor for the Italian market since 2018 and his integrity, attention to detail and the strive for perfection lead him to contribute to the development and production of the new Tomsen Snowskates, making sure our customers receive the best product industry leading product in the world.


Aurelian is a social guy and besides the sport he loves the team, the ethics of the company but most of all he loves to see how the Tomsen community around the world is growing fast and how beginners, riders, world champions in different disciplines and people from all backgrounds are joining the community momentum while having fun snowskating.


He is 196 cm tall.

Andrew Keesing
Soft Goods BU

Andrew Stapleton Keesing looks after the Apparel and Accessories product categories.


Andrew is a seasoned industry specialist with a solid track record in identifying solutions, building brands and executing product and business strategies which deliver growth on growth results.


London based, Andrew studied Fashion Design having been born into a family background of theatrical costume design. He has spent the last quarter century operating within some of the biggest powerhouse names in European Retail as well as Global Brands like Timberland, Calvin Klein and Dr Martens amongst others, in both consultant and integral capacities.


Introduced to figure skating at the age of 4, Andrew was coached by a world champion at his hometown ice rink. This became a passion and later evolved into competitive Ice Hockey and Inline Street Hockey as well as recreational skiing and most recently, the opportunity to test Tomsen Snowskates in their conceptual birthplace of Oslo, Norway.

Fostering his love for the outdoors, Andrew is co-driving the brands mission to become Climate Neutral by utilising green materials and processes where it is possible in our supply chain or looking to offset carbon emissions in instances where recycled/recyclable content is not yet viable or could be detrimental to the integrity of our products.


Now proudly standing shoulder to shoulder with industry champs within the wider Tomsen team, he enjoys nothing more than seeing the strategies come into play and is super pumped to be a part of the future of the brand.


As a family guy, with a (small) football team sized brood of kids, Andrew can mainly be found carting belongings to/from university, game playing in green spaces or apologising to members of the local community for the cheeky behaviour of the family beagle.


He is 185.42 (and this .42 is important to him).

Dimitris Intzidis
Chief Design Officer

Dimitris Intzidis is the one who deals with all things design & marketing.


Dimitris has designed the 2021 range of Tomsen Snowskates, after joining the Tomsen team. With a clear vision for Tomsen’s design direction he has developed a brand that aims to connect with its customers through design values of simplicity, harmony and Scandinavian design.


Dimitris is responsible for the design of snowskates, directing the brand’s message through design, leading the creative and marketing team of Tomsen at a global level and other consumer goodies. Being Greek, he believes he draws his courage and energy for design from his mighty beard.

Prior to Tomsen, Dimitris has worked on a variety of diverse projects for brands such as Olympus, TechnoHull, Erste Bank, Vista Bank, Erasmus+, 2 European projects, CaliberX and managed his own industrial design business.


Dimitris has been a sports lover all his life, starting at the age of 5 with football, he has progressed to practice swimming, basketball, tennis, and American football at a semi-professional level.


Dimitris holds a Masters degree in Industrial Design with honours from the University of Architecture and Urbanism – Ion Mincu.


He is 186 cm tall.