Tomsen FAQ
What’s the Tomsen backstory?

What started on the slope as a simple idea to skate on snow grew into something much bigger: A worldwide sport with a new breed of followers inspired by a new combination of skate-simplicity and winter adventure. All wrapped up in a super-compact package that works straight out of the box, for beginners and experts alike.

Today’s Tomsen Snowskates have evolved to reflect today’s technology and demands, while maintaining a strong commitment to quality and simplicity. Tomsen ensures customers get the best experience on – and off – the slope

Where is the Tomsen company from? Where is it based? Where are Tomsen snowskates made?

Tomsen Sports GmbH is based in Germany. Tomsen Snowskates are made in the EU.

How do Tomsen snowskates compare to ski and snowboard?

Tomsen Snowskates, like ski and snowboard, allow the user to glide, turn, perform tricks and stop in a controlled and enjoyable way on a groomed piste/ski slope, and at similar speeds. Unlike ski and snowboard, Tomsen Snowskates have no detachable parts and are more compact. Also unlike ski and snowboard, Tomsen Snowskates are not designed for use in deep powder snow and/or off-piste.

How do Tomsen Snowskates perform on a typical slope in a ski resort?

Tomsen Snowskates allow the user to glide, turn, perform tricks and stop in a controlled and enjoyable way on a groomed piste/ski slope, at similar speeds to other slope users. Tomsen Snowskates have been tested with a variety of user profiles including beginners, instructors and athletes, all of whom have reported a high degree of satisfaction with performance.

Is snowskating a safe sport?

Tomsen Snowskates are designed and built to the highest safety standards and are fully safety tested. Tomsen Snowskates are designed so that the user can safely control their speed and movement when using the equipment, provided that necessary, common-sense precautions are taken. We always advise wearing gloves and helmet and making sure equipment is properly fitted. As with all downhill snow sports and physical activities in general, there is an element of risk involved. While the manufacturer has done everything possible to ensure the safety of the user, there are factors beyond our control and sensible judgement should be exercised at all times, including observing other users and the rules of the ski slope. Children should always be supervised by a competent- and if required, qualified – adult.

How do Tomsen snowskates provide glide and control when they are so compact?

Tomsen snowskates are the product of methodical research and development directed at producing an entirely new piece of equipment. The semi-rigid boot part and the rigid base part are both designed and engineered uniquely for snowskating, using advanced materials and technology. Tomsen snowskates are also designed and engineered specifically for groomed pistes, meaning they do not require the larger surface area required to prevent sinking into deep, off-piste powder snow.

Can you sharpen/tune the steel edges on the bases?

Yes. Tomsen Snowskates offer a special tool for removing nicks and tuning edges to user preference (you can find our sharpener available under “Accessories”). Tomsen snowskates are supplied with a standard edge suitable for most users’ needs. Edge tuning is recommended usually only for racers, intensive use and for maintenance of rental snowskates.

Why not just make a short ski/base with binding and fix to ski boots?

We tried it and it doesn’t work. To provide glide, control, and security to the required user expectation, we found that the snowskate base must be rigid and integrated (not attached with binding) to a purpose-built, semi-flexible boot. Ski boots and skis work on the opposite principle (a rigid boot with a flexible ski).

Do you need other equipment?

No other special equipment is required to use Tomsen Snowskates. Users will need appropriate clothing for a mountain ski resort (ski jacket, overtrousers, hat, gloves). We always advise use of a helmet, eye protection and gloves for safety.

How long does it take to learn how to use Tomsen Snowskates?

On average, newcomers are able to gain basic confidence on Tomsen snowskates on their first day, using online tutorials for guidance on how to glide successfully from the top to the bottom of a beginner-level ski slope, turning and stopping safely.
More confident newcomers can achieve similar results in one hour and intermediate level slopes or higher on their first day.
Most newcomers become fully proficient (i.e. able to confidently manage and enjoy intermediate and moderate level slopes) within 2-3 days.
After gaining proficiency, users have the opportunity to take their skills to very high levels of performance at higher speeds, in competitions and employing freestyle tricks.

Is it possible to wax Tomsen Snowskates for smoother glide and higher speed?

Yes. Wax that works for skis/ snowboards will work with snowskates also. We sell a special wax for snowskates designed to be ultra-portable, eco-conscious and easy to apply. Please find our wax available under “Accessories”.

Can I use Tomsen Snowskates with the ski lift?

Yes, Tomsen Snowskates are easy to use with ski lifts and chair lifts. For tips, see our online tutorials under „InstaLEARN” or refer to the manual included with your snowskates.

Can I use Tomsen Snowskates off-piste?

No. Snowskates are designed and tested for groomed/hard packed slopes only. The surface needs to be firm enough to support your weight. Light powder is no problem as long as the snow/ground underneath is firm.

How fast can you go on Tomsen Snowskates?

Confident, experienced snowskaters on typical public slopes reach speeds of 30-60 km/h, similar to average maximum speeds on ski and snowboard on public slopes. Top speeds recorded by professionals using snowskates under controlled conditions have exceeded 120km/h.

40km/h is the average maximum speed of users of all types of equipment on busy public slopes. This is more than fast enough to provide a thrill for most people and is perfectly achievable on Tomsen Snowskates. Most beginners will be happy reaching speeds of 20-25km/h.

What do I do if my Tomsen Snowskates are delivered damaged, faulty or not what according to my order specifications?

In the unlikely event your snowskates are delivered damaged, faulty, or not the ordered size or model, Tomsen Snowskates will cover the cost of returns and replacements where applicable and in line with our stated terms and conditions. Please contact us here: to find out more.

Are Tomsen Snowskates suitable for children and families?

Tomsen Snowskates are suitable for all user groups, including children and families. We provide children’s sizes from EU35 to EU47 . We have tested our snowskates with children and families, who have provided positive feedback about how easy snowskates are to learn, transport, and use around the slope (when visiting the restaurant and toilets, etc.)