BTS5 Tomsen Snowskates

Fast & Lite.

Tomsen’s BTS5 Snowskates are a great entry model to get into the sport.
All-round performance with 3-in-1 sizing with soft flex.
Adjustable inner boot that adapts to 3 sizes, designed for beginners and for people still under growth.

Snowskates Size Chart

If you are not sure about your size, we recommend you pick a larger size for a more comfortable fit. We recommend an exact fitting for experienced riders.

XS 21-22 35-36 2.5-3.5
S 23-25 37-39 4.5-6.5
M 26-28 40.5-43 7.5-9.5
L 29-31 44.5-47 10.5-12.5

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The Most Compact
Snowskating Experience is Here.
Introducing the Tomsen entry model, BTS5 Snowskates. Designed to deliver maximum performance on any slope. Soft Flex outer boot with a comfortable padded inner boot to promote a most comfortable ride. Micro and macro adjustable buckles to keep a precise fit.

Norwegian-inspired design with safety and simplicity at the forefront. Our Snowskates are a complete product with no detachable parts which dramatically lowers the risk of injury.
More Fun.
More TruGLIDE.
Quick and intuitive control. Ergonomically-perfected bases for an amazing glide and steel edges for a superb grip. Stop or turn anywhere, anytime you want. Designed for on piste. Made for incredible strength and reliability.
Soft Flex.
BTS5's Soft Flex helps you use less force to bend your knees, giving you more freedom to your ride.
High Precision
Power Transfer.
The High Precision Power Transfer Pivot gives the possibility of adjusting the cuff of the skates. Canting allows adjustment for optimal leg position and angle.
3-in-1 Sizing Innerboot.
The BTS5 Snowskates come with an adjustable innerboot that adapts to 3 sizes. Designed for beginners and for people still under growth.
So Compact.
So Light.
So Comfortable.
Learn in hours.
Love forever.
It doesn't take much to love snowskating and take your sport to the next level.
Micro Adjustable Buckles.
BTS5 Snowskates use buckles with micro adjustments that help lock on precisely to your feet, providing a closure that is just right. Additional features include an inverted lower buckle which is easier to open and close, but also eliminates the risk of accidental opening when performing sharp turns.
Total experience of freedom for your mind, right through to your feet.
Snowskating is the perfect sport for those who seek an accessible and fun mountain adventure.
Body Position
How to Get Speed
How to Skate
How to Stop
How to Take the Lift
How to Snowskate?
With InstaLEARN.
Learn in hours, not days. Just put on your skates and go.
Safe for All Levels.
That's right. Even though high speeds can be achieved with Snowskates, the product is extremely safe due to the absence of binding parts and fall trajectory.
Fastest to Learn.
Our Snowskates are so intuitive to use you'll feel comfort on the go. Enjoy the slopes on your very first day and master tricks in a week.
No Extra Equipment.
Compact and easy to carry. Just grab your Snowskates and go.
Quality Guaranteed.
Designed to Last.

Our Snowskates are made in Italy using the highest quality components and materials and engineering from the pinnacle of the sports industry. They are designed to resist heavy use and impact, surviving the test of time.

3-in-1 Sizing
Adjusts to 3 sizes, designed for beginners and for those who are still growing.
The AccuFIT system provides the proper fit to all users.
High Precision Power Transfer
High precision transfer pivot allows for adjusting the cuff and canting for the user's optimum angle of leg positioning.
FlexLITE System
Uniquely-engineered rigid base and lower profile flexible boot provides secure ankle support and amazing control.
Adjustable Inverted Plastic Buckles
Macro and micro adjustments allow buckles to lock on precisely.
Quick and intuitive control. Ergonomically-perfected bases for an amazing glide and steel edges for a superb grip. Stop or turn anywhere and anytime you want.
Adaptive Powerstrap
High quality embroidered Powerstrap to adjust flex and comfort.
Discover Snowskating Accessories
A compact range specifically designed to enhance your snow skating experience.
Explore Snowskating Apparel
Get in the Tomsen style while you ride or simply #represent the brand on or off the slope.

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