Protection & Grip for Snowskates

Tomsen Snowskates are so convenient, you’ll find yourself wearing them all around the slope: in the cafeteria, on the terrace, even in the parking area.

We designed our walkers to quickly slip onto the base of your snowskates to provide protection for them and added grip for you! Great on surfaces like stone, tile, concrete, tarmac, wooden decking, etc. Walkers easily stow away in a pocket or bag when not in use.

Size Guide

Please select your Walkers to fit your Snowskates size:
XS Walkers = Size 21-22 Snowskates
S Walkers = Size 23-25 Snowskates
M Walkers = Size 26-28 Snowskates
L Walkers = Size 29-31 Snowskates

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