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A safer alternative to traditional skis and snowboards with bindings. No lose parts or ski poles.
Tomsen SnowSkates• <span>BTS 5</span>

Tomsen SnowSkates• BTS 5

Tomsen's BTS5 Snowskates are great entry model to get into the sport. All-round performance with 3-in-1 sizing with soft flex. Adjustable inner boot that adapts to 3 sizes, designed for beginners and for people still under growth.

Tomsen SnowSkates• <span>MD 20</span>

Tomsen SnowSkates• MD 20

Tomsen's MD20 Snowskates give you precise control with medium flex and a comfortable fit with fixed sizes. Designed with upgraded details in mind, like aluminum buckles and upgraded power strap.

Tomsen SnowSkates• <span>KF 35</span>

Tomsen SnowSkates• KF 35

Tomsen's KF35 Snowskates are built for maximum performance and comfort. Great for skiers, hockey players, inline skaters. Those who want to take it to the next level.

Tomsen• Features


Moldable inner boot that is warmer and lighter the moment you slip your feet into a snug pair of Tomsen!

FlexLite System

You’ll be surprised at how fast you can go while keeping perfect control!


Ergonomically-perfected bases with amazing glide and steel edges give you superb grip and laser-accurate control.

Positive Vibes Review

Received my products on time and was so surprised to get a follow up phone call from Tomsen to see how everything was going with my skates! I highly recommend Tomsen Snowskates to all skaters (ice, Inline, roller) for the easiest transition and the most amazing time in the snow. A class act from start to finish.

Kris Fondran

Threw them on my backpack and had a great time on the slope even as an absolute beginner in winter sports. Totally recommend, fun and easy to learn!

Andrei Coliban

I highly recommend Snowskates for beginners as I was impressed how easy it was when I tried it for the first time. They are easy to carry and a lot of fun on the slopes. Highly recommend!

Verena Pitscheider

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